Research Grants

The National Stroke Foundation (NSF) has recently reviewed its research strategy to provide direction for the next 3 years. This process included a review of the research program activities over the past 6 years, interviews with key research opinion leaders, consideration of how other, similar organisations manage their research objectives and a workshop with NSF staff and researchers from diverse disciplines and research interests. We also surveyed consumers to understand their views on research priorities with input from the NSF Consumer Council.

This work has resulted in a new research strategy which will continue to fund research programs and awards (e.g. post-doctoral fellowships, PhDs) and build strong partnerships to improve research outcomes. It also aims to better leverage all NSF activities to deliver better outcomes for stroke through research. This includes consideration of the work done in program planning and evaluation, better use of the extensive data held by the NSF and a focus on priority areas.

Submissions for Research Grants will be open early in 2015. If you would like to register your interest in the grants, please email us at